Gallery: Weird Science (Arrow Video Blu-ray) Screenshots

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BD Info

Weird Science theatrical cut BD Info
Weird Science extended cut BD info
Weird Science TV version

Extra Features

  • NEW Reversible cover artwork
  • NEW Limited edition booklet
  • NEW Seamlessly branched Extended Version (HD; 1:37:00)
  • NEW Theatrical vs. TV cut comparison (HD; 18:16)
  • NEW Extended version scenes (HD; 2:45)
  • NEW Interview with Jackie Burch (HD; 6:03)
  • NEW Interview with John Kapelos (HD; 6:55)
  • NEW Interview with Craig Reardon (HD; 19:38)
  • NEW Interview with Chris Lebenzon (HD; 10:46)
  • NEW Interview with Ira Newborn (HD; 13:43)
  • Archive featurette (HD 720p; 16:41)
  • Theatrical teaser (SD; 2:37)
  • Theatrical trailer (SD; 1:34)
  • TV spots (SD; 1:01)
  • Radio spots (4:50)
  • Shooting script gallery (chapter breaks; 2:13)
  • Production stills gallery (chapter breaks; 1:59)
  • Poster and video art gallery (chapter breaks; 0:22)
  • Full script (BD-ROM; PDF)

Packaging Details

Weird Science front cover
Weird Science reverse cover
Weird Science booklet
Weird Science contents page

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