Upcoming Blu-ray Releases to Burn Your Money On (as of 8/7/19)

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up on the flurry of new Blu-ray releases that are hitting shelves throughout the year. We’re also guilty of not keeping track of things until they’re on our doorsteps or in our mailboxes. So we wanted to take a look at some announcements for the near future that have us excited – labels big and small included. These aren’t necessarily the best releases that are coming soon, but they are the ones that make us eager to get our hands on them – even just because of the film itself.

Here they are, in no particular order.

An American Werewolf in London – Arrow Video (October 29)

american werewolf in london

Arrow Video is giving John Landis’ excellent horror film a new release in time for Halloween with 4k restoration of the film and a huge number of extra features, all presented in a large package featuring double-sided poster, a 60-page essay booklet, and lobby card reproductions. If you’re a fan of the film, this is definitely a Blu-ray release you won’t want to miss.

Häxan – Criterion Collection (October 15)


The 1922 silent film Häxan is getting a new release from Criterion with this creepy new cover artwork, along with a new 2k restoration of the film. There’s also the option of watching with 5.0 DTS-HD audio from a 2001 orchestral performance of the soundtrack. This is shaping up to be a really cool release for film collectors, especially those interested in this film’s cinematic importance.

Parasite 3D – Kino Lorber (October 22)

Anyone remember Parasite? Most likely not, but Demi Moore probably does since it was her first major film role. This Charles Band B-movie junker is getting a new Blu-ray release thanks to Kino, and I think we can all be happy knowing we’ll get to experience this one again thanks to a helpful restoration by the 3D Film Archive.

Two Evil Eyes – Blue Underground (October 29)

If Blue Underground’s most recent output is any indication, this new 4k scan of Two Evil Eyes should be an excellent upgrade for everyone’s collection. Like their Maniac, Zombie, and The New York Ripper Blu-rays, Blue Underground is stacking this release – a gorgeous new 4k scan, a three-disc set featuring the film’s soundtrack, a new lenticular cover, and loads of new extras. This one should be worth double-dipping.

The Devil Rides Out – Scream Factory (October 29)

Many fans have been waiting for this announcement, and Scream Factory is finally delivering this prominent Hammer title. This was previously released on Blu-ray by StudioCanal but Scream Factory will be doing a new scan of the film featuring the original visual effects (which have been altered in other releases). While extras haven’t been announced yet, it’s great to see this classic getting Blu-ray treatment with a Region A release.

Who Saw Her Die? – Arrow Video (September 17)

This Italian giallo film is quite a fun one with its Venice setting Ennio Morricone score, and thankfully Arrow Video is giving the film a proper release in September with a new 2k scan and multiple new interviews with principal crew. Fans of gialli shouldn’t sleep on this one.

Paganini Horror – 88 Films (September 16)

The absurdly bad Paganini Horror will be getting a new Blu-ray release thanks to UK label 88 Films, with a new 2k transfer of the 16mm negative. The most notable thing about this film is that it “stars” Donald Pleasance; yet most will probably wonder how this film could get any worse. Still, fans of so-bad-it’s-good cinema should enjoy owning this new release with a number of features.

My Samurai – MVD Rewind (October 15)

This release from MVD Rewind has been pushed back a bit here and there but once it releases, it should be a nice continuation of MVD Rewind’s excellent action film releases. This one has some lengthy new interviews with the stars, as well as a redesigned slipcover to fit with the retro VHS look that MVD Rewind has been using for some time.

Tombs of the Blind Dead – Synapse Films (early 2020)

This one is still in early development so there’s no cover artwork or extra feature announcements, but what we do know is that Synapse has officially stated that a new Blu-ray for Tombs of the Blind Dead will be coming, and it should debut sometime in early 2020. Here’s hoping the rest of the films are next!

The Killer of Dolls – Mondo Macabro (October 2019)

Keep in mind that this release is actually the limited edition red box from Mondo Macabro; the standard edition will hit sometime in the near future. Still, Mondo Macabro has routinely been picking great films to release on Blu-ray, and though I confess I have never seen this 1975 Spanish flick, I am hoping their quality standard remains intact with this new Blu-ray.


What will you be picking up out of these releases? Do you have any others you’re super excited for? Let us know in the comments.

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