10 Things We Learned From Scream Factory’s CANDYMAN Blu-ray

Scream Factory has released an excellent new Blu-ray for the awesome film Candyman, and we’ve looked this thing over from top to bottom to come up with some mind-blowing facts about the film thanks to the special features. Below, find ten of the most exciting facts that we learned from Scream Factory’s Candyman Blu-ray.

candyman scream factory blu-ray


1. Candyman is based on Clive Barker’s “The Forbidden,” which was released in Volume 5 of the Books of Blood.

2. Scream Factory’s Blu-ray looks just as good as Arrow Video’s Blu-ray.

3. The features aren’t the same, but just as impressive.

4. The unrated cut features more gore during the Psychiatrist death scene, but the effects are oddly weird looking.

5. It’s possible that Helen was imagining Candyman, and was doing all the murders herself.

candyman blu-ray review 1

6. Virginia Madsen looks smoking hot in Candyman, even with the 90s haircut.

7. Scream Factory’s Blu-ray features 5.1 audio on the Unrated Cut.

8. The ending of Candyman is perfect, and the sequels were unnecessary.

9. Cabrini-Green is an actual place, known for its bad reputation and location. It was eventually torn down.

10. It’s possible to own both the Arrow Video and Scream Factory release at the same time.

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