Crocodile Blu-ray Screenshots (Synapse Films)

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BD Info (what’s this?)

Crocodile Blu-ray BD Info
Crocodile Blu-ray BD Info

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Crocodile Blu-ray Bitrate Info
Crocodile Blu-ray Bitrate Info

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Crocodile Blu-ray Spek Info
Crocodile Blu-ray Spek Info

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Crocodile Blu-ray Movie Barcode
Crocodile Blu-ray Movie Barcode

Extra Features

  • NEW restored from the original English 35mm camera negative
  • Original theatrical trailer (1080p, 2:44)
  • NEW Audio commentary with writer and film historian Lee Gambin
  • NEW Video interview with original Crocodile Fangs director, Won-se Lee (1080p, 31:44)
  • Deleted and alternate scenes
    • Original Thai Ending (1080p, 2:37)
    • The Monkey and the Little Boy (1080p, 4:41)
    • Extended Town Attack (1080p, 5:50)
    • Crocodile Cruelty (1080p, 1:16)
    • Alternate Spanish Release Ending (1080p, 3:32)
    • Alternate International Opening (1080p, 4:15)
  • NEW “Nude” slipcover (limited to only 1500 units)

Tech Specs

Release Date: 2024
Definition: 1080p
Runtime: 1:31:48
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Codec: AVC
Audio: DTS-HD 2.0 mono English 
Subtitles: English

Packaging Details

cover scan
Crocodile slipcover front
cover scan
Crocodile slipcover back
cover scan
Crocodile Blu-ray Front Sleeve
cover scan
Crocodile Blu-ray Reverse Sleeve
cover scan
Crocodile Blu-ray Disc

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