CULTOWEEN 2017 Quiz: Guess these Halloween-themed movies from the image!

Halloween is certainly in the air at this point, so you’ve probably been sitting around watching all of the classics. Hopefully, you’ve been paying attention, because we’ve got a quiz for you that might have you guessing.

In the ten questions below, we’ll give you an obscure image from a Halloween-themed film. Your job is to correctly answer which film it’s from. Some are more obvious than others, but I’m confident that a few of these will leave you guessing. Enter your email after the quiz has ended and you’ll be entered to win a cool Cultsploitation T-shirt:

The winner will be the quiz-taker who scored the best (and obviously if you get them all right, you automatically win). Please use a legitimate email so we can contact you about T-shirt size and address.

Good luck!

Edit: giveaway is over.

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