My Favorite Halloween Specials #2: “Halloween IV”

Roseanne always had great Halloween episodes, so it’s just a matter of choosing which one out of the series is the favorite. And to be honest, I can’t really choose one. They’re all different, and they’re all fun, but I’ve settled on “Halloween IV” as my favorite.

“Halloween IV” uses the same plot elements as the A Christmas Carol, except now the ghosts are designed to be for Halloween. Plus, Roseanne‘s sets always got to the essence of Halloween for me, especially in this episode at a Halloween party. All of the normal Halloween staples are here – pumpkins, decorations, skeletons, ghosts, they’re all in there. And that’s what makes it so fun.

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10 years ago

Those are great fun, indeed! And a good choice!

Pax Romano
10 years ago

Roseanne’s Halloween shows were always the best. You know, she might be crazy, but she knew her audience,and she knew that middle America loved and celebrated Halloween. I think that she should host a big Network Halloween special every year – that would be so awesome.

Tower Farm
10 years ago

Thank you for being brave enough to say out loud that you like the ROSEANNE Halloween episodes. Like Rosa Parks, you have opened the door for all of us!

Too far? Maybe. I love those episodes, too, though.


10 years ago

Halloween just aint Halloween without the Roseanne Halloween specials! So glad they put that DVD out.

10 years ago

Two best sitcoms ever are Married With Children and Roseanne! I love Roseanne and I think my My Space page has the quote “Becky get down here!” on it! The Halloween episodes are so great, especially the very first one! I have the DVD release that came out and I watch it multiple times every Halloween, along with when they air them on TV…love that fucking show! I am planning on doing a post with some Roseanne love for Halloween at my blog too, so I am happy to see someone else (along with the commentators) show appreciation for them!

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