Vinegar Syndrome adds checklist to their website so you know where all your money went

Collecting Blu-rays has turned from a hobby into an obsession for some people, and that means trying to find all of the releases from particular labels. Vinegar Syndrome recognizes that, and they’ve come up with a solution to make sure fans can log all of their Vinegar Syndrome-released Blu-rays and DVDs. The Vinegar Syndrome website now contains a checklist of all of their past and present releases in a simple format that allows the user to input everything they own and then get a rank that corresponds to movies they’ve released. For example, my (pitiful) score is:

Even more helpful is the Status column on this checklist, giving users a look at the amount of stock left for that particular product – and perhaps disappointing a few people who find out they missed a limited edition release or a lenticular cover.

You can head over to Vinegar Syndrome’s website to document all of your owned Blu-rays and DVDs, but just remember that you could become obsessed with tracking all of these down… and Blu-ray hoarding ain’t cheap.

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