Gallery: Flowers in the Attic (Arrow Video Blu-ray) Screenshots

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BD Info

Extra Features

  • NEW Audio Commentary by Kat Ellinger
  • NEW Home, Sweet Home (HD; 8:26) Interview with cinematographer Frank Byers.
  • NEW Fear and Wonder (HD; 13:45) Interview with production designer John Muto.
  • NEW The Devil’s Spawn (HD; 13:41) Interview with actor Jeb Stuart Adams.
  • NEW Innocence Shattered (HD; 9:33) Interview with composer Christopher Young.
  • Original Ending (HD; 7:53)
  • Revised Ending with Commentary by replacement director Tony Kayden (HD; 10:43)
  • Production Gallery (HD; 4:51)
  • Theatrical Trailer (HD; 1:37)

Packaging Details

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