Road Games Blu-ray Review (Scream Factory)

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Road Games has been released on Blu-ray in a brand new Collector’s Edition from Scream Factory, and you can read all sorts of reviews on the web, but why not be lazy like me and read a quick checklist rundown of the movie and Blu-ray to see if you should spend your money. Come on, let’s be lazy together! 


  • A black comedy thriller about a trucker who is running the long haul and believes a man in a green van could potentially be the killer everyone is talking about.
  • Stacey Keach is the main character named Quid, and Jamie Lee Curtis’ role as Hitch isn’t as big as you would think.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis’ character isn’t fleshed out much, save for her being a hitchhiker who has a rich family.

  • Quid becomes a suspect himself, thanks to some inept cops.
  • Are Quid’s suspicions valid, or is he becoming unhinged from sleep deprivation?
  • A colourful cast of characters on the highway to Perth.
  • Always make sure your doors are locked else you’ll attract crazy ladies dressed in onesies.
  • Why does one man need so many balls?
  • Just Married = Road Head.
  • When road rage gets the better of you and you end up trashing your expensive boat just to piss off the driver behind you. 

  • Boswell the Dingo steals every scene he is in.
  • The 2015 film Road Games has nothing to do with this film.
  • A fairly dark ending for a film that relies heavily on comedy.
  • Was the meat hanging near the front of the truck really beef?
  • Exactly how much money did Quid make for delivering his haul? Must not have been much if he can’t afford to rent a car. 


  • Scream Factory offers a transfer that is better-looking than Umbrella Entertainment’s release. The film grain is sharp and not smeared like Umbrella’s release.
  • There are moments of dirt and debris present, but nothing super distracting.
  • A few scenes aren’t as crisp, but this seems to be an issue with the negative.
  • Audio presentation is DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0.
  • Dialogue and action loud and clear. No need to fiddle with the volume button. 

  • Three new special features:
    • A fun 13-minute interview with Stacy Keach.
    • New audio commentary with Cinematographer Vincent Monton, Production Coordinator Helen Watts, and Costume Designer Aphrodite Kondos, Moderated by Filmmaker Mark Hartley.
    • An almost two hour 1980 script read with Producer/Director Richard Franklin and Actors Stacy Keach and Marion Edwards.
    • Music demos with Brian May, which play over Stills and Posters. This feature runs 4-minutes long. 

Extra Features

  • NEW Australian Long Haul – An Interview With Actor Stacy Keach (HD; 13:25)
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Cinematographer Vincent Monton, Production Coordinator Helen Watts, And Costume Designer Aphrodite Kondos, Moderated By Filmmaker Mark Hartley
  • NEW 1980 Script Read With Producer/Director Richard Franklin And Actors Stacy Keach And Marion Edwards (1:56:30)
  • NEW Composer Brian May Music Demos Accompanied By Stills And Poster Gallery (4:15)
  • Audio Commentary With Producer/Director Richard Franklin
  • Kangaroo Hitchcock: The Making Of Road Games – Featuring Interviews With Director Richard Franklin And Actor Stacey Keach (unrestored HD; 20:23)
  • Extended Interviews From Mark Hartley’s Documentary Not Quite Hollywood Featuring Jamie Lee Curtis, Stacy Keach, Director Richard Franklin, Stunt Coordinator Grant Page, Screenwriter Everett De Roche, Cinematographer Vincent Monton, And Assistant Director Tom Burstall (unrestored HD; 1:03:19)
  • Lecture On The Making Of Road Games With Richard Franklin, Co-producer Barbi Taylor, And Composer Brian May, Introduced By Critic Tom Ryan (unrestored HD; 2:10:22)
  • Profile On Richard Franklin (1981) (unrestored HD; 24:35)
  • Audio Interview With Richard Franklin (2001) (23:28)
  • Audio Interview With Actor Stacy Keach (2016) (9:10)
  • Audio Interview With Stunt Coordinator And Actor Grant Page (2016) (32:48)
  • Gallery Of Stills, Production Shots, Storyboards, Newspaper Reviews, Promotional And Artwork Materials (no chapter breaks; 32:13)
  • Theatrical Trailer (unrestored HD; 2:11)

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Road Games is an enjoyable thriller laced with comedy and solid performances from an assortment of weird characters. Scream Factory improves on the video transfer with their latest Blu-ray release and offers up a few new special features that will entice fans to spend their money.
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Transfer looks better than Umbrella's previous Blu-ray
A few new extras
No Jamie Lee Curtis interview
Could possibly have used a new transfer for some so-so scenes

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