the return of swamp thing blu-ray
the return of swamp thing blu-ray

The Return of Swamp Thing Blu-ray Review (MVD Rewind)

the return of swamp thing blu-ray
Return of Swamp Thing must certainly have its fans to justify this fantastic release from MVD Rewind. Unfortunately for some, the humour is going to be too over the top, and the plot's pacing issues will hinder the enjoyment for plenty. Nevertheless, if you're that said fan of the film, then MVD Rewind has your back with this solid Blu-ray. Fans of Swamp Thing and the MVD Rewind collectors need not worry, the release is worth it.
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Michael gives a rundown of MVD Rewind’s Blu-ray release of Jim Wynorski’s The Return of Swamp Thing. If you’ve ever seen it, you’ll know that it’s not exactly very good; but it does have Heather Locklear in it and MVD Rewind does a good job with the Blu-ray. Why don’t you just watch the video above and find out what Michael thought?

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