Feast your eyes on this massive Blu-ray / DVD buffet of goodies! I go through releases of Arrow Video, Cult Epics, Impulse Pictures, Synapse Films, Severin Films, Twilight Time, Umbrella Entertainment and Intervision.

Cult Epics

(1:35) Obsessions

Umbrella Entertainment













(3:23) Out of the Shadows

Synapse Films

(4:15) Phenomena (review here)

Twilight Time 

(6:30) The Mad Magician

Severin Films

(7:55) Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD (review here)

Arrow Video

(9:09) The Suspicious Death of a Minor

Cult Epics

(11:28) The Flesh

Intervision Picture Corp.

(13:09) Dark Harvest / Escapes (review here)

Synapse Films

(14:46) This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse (review here)

Severin Films

(16:38) Jess Franco’s The Sadist of Notre Dame (review here)

(18:42) Jess Franco’s Sinfonia Erotica (review here)

Synapse Films

(20:06) Suspiria (review here)

Impulse Pictures

(22:15) A Touch of Sex

(23:58) Helena

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